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**(all group) **

*Potentilla verna
*Genista anglica
*Polygala vulgaris
*Viola canina subsp. canina
*Pilosella peleteriana
*Patzkea paniculata subsp. spadicea

** (all group) ** *

*Dianthus seguieri subsp. seguieri
*Genista pilosa
*Genista sagittalis
*Meum athamanticum
*Calluna vulgaris
*Vaccinium myrtillus
*Gentiana lutea
*Veronica officinalis
*Rhinanthus minor
*Antennaria dioica
*Achillea millefolium
*Arnica montana
*Jacobaea adonidifolia
*Tulipa sylvestris subsp. australis
*Narcissus pseudonarcissus subsp. pseudonarcissus
*Crocus vernus
*Luzula campestris
*Platanthera bifolia
*Pseudorchis albida
*Nardus stricta
*Agrostis capillaris var. capillaris
*Danthonia decumbens
*Avenella flexuosa
*Festuca airoides

GROUPE 24: Pelouses montagnardes sur silice
GROUP 24: Mountainous grasslands on silica

Habitat no. 114: Corine: 35.11
Gazons à nard raide (silice)
Grasslands with mat-grass (silica)

Habitat no. 115: Corine: 35.12
Pelouses à agrostide et à fétuque (silice)
Grasslands with Agrositis and Fescue (silica)

Habitat no. 117: Corine: 36.3311
Pelouses très sèches des versants rocailleux à fétuque paniculée (silica)
Grasslands on dry rocky slopes with Paniculate Fescue (silica)

Habitat no. 116: Corine: 35.13
Pelouses à canche flexueuse (silice)
Grasslands with Wavy Hair Grass (silica)

All photos were taken by David Dickenson in the Cévennes

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