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**(all group) **

*Genista scorpius
*Pistacia terebinthus
*Rhamnus alaternus
*Fumana ericifolia
*Bupleurum rigidum
*Phillyrea latifolia
*Lonicera implexa
*Brachypodium phoenicoides
*Brachypodium retusum

** (all group) ** *

*Pinus halepensis
*Juniperus oxycedrus
*Quercus ilex
*Quercus pubescens
*Sedum sediforme
*Euphorbia characias
*Buxus sempervirens
*Myrtus communis
*Eryngium campestre
*Arbutus unedo
*Rubia peregrina subsp. peregrina
*Thymus vulgaris
*Narcissus assoanus
*Aphyllanthes monspeliensis
*Ophrys scolopax
*Piptatherum paradoxum
*Catapodium rigidum

GROUPE 34: Buissons sur calcaire aux étages méditerranéens (matorrals)
GROUP 34: Thickets on limestone in the Mediterranean

Habitat no. 148: Corine: 32.4
Buissons sur calcaire de I'étage mesoméditerranéen occidental
Thckets on limestone, at western mesomediterranean level

Habitat no. 146: Corine: 32.113
Buissons sur calcaire à chêne vert
Thickets on limestone with evergreen oak

Habitat no. 147: Corine: 32.162
Buissons méditerranéens à chênes caducifoliés
Thickets on limestone with deciduous oak

All photos were taken by David Dickenson in the Cévennes

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