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**(all group) **

*Rubus fruticosus
*Rubus caesius
*Cytisus cantabricus
*Lonicera periclymenum
*Pteridium aquilinum

** (all group) ** *

*Juniperus communis subsp. communis
*Quercus petraea
*Rumex acetosella
*Rosa canina
*Crataegus monogyna
*Sorbus aucuparia subsp. aucuparia
*Sorbus aria
*Cotoneaster integerrimus
*Prunus spinosa
*Prunus avium
*Calluna vulgaris
*Erica cinerea
*Teucrium scorodonia
*Linaria repens
*Orobanche rapum-genistae
*Jacobaea adonidifolia
*Holcus mollis subsp. mollis
*Holcus ×hybridus
*Agrostis capillaris var. capillaris
*Avenella flexuosa
*Festuca arvernensis

GROUPE 39: Buissons à genêt à balais ou à ronces et lisières à fougère aigle sur sol siliceux
GROUP 39: Thickets of broom or bramble and woodland edges on schist

Habitat no. 168: Corine: 31.831

Habitat no. 169: Corine: 31.8411
Landes à genêts des plaines et des collines
Broom heaths of the plains and hills

Habitat no. 170: Corine: 31.8413
Buissons à genêts du Massif central
Broom thickets of the Massif Central

Habitat no. 171: Corine: 31.863
Lisières supraméditerranéennes à fougère aigle
Supramediterranean woodland edges with bracken

All photos were taken by David Dickenson in the Cévennes

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