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**(all group) **

*Abies alba
*Pseudotsuga menziesii
*Picea abies
*Larix decidua
*Pinus pinaster
*Pinus nigra subsp. nigra
*Pinus mugo subsp. uncinata
*Pinus cembra
*Cedrus atlantica
*Quercus rubra

** (all group) ** *

*Neottia ovata

GROUPE 55: Boisements artificiels
GROUP 55: Artificial woods

Habitat no. 215: Corine: 42.5E
Plantations de pin sylvestre
Plantations of Scotts Oak

Habitat no. 216: Corine: 42.67
Plantations de pin noir
Plantations of Black Pine

Habitat no. 214: Corine: 42.1B1
Plantations de sapin pectine
Plantations of Silver Fir

Habitat no. 217: Corine: 83.3111
Plantations de sapins, d'épicéas et de mélèzes européens
Plantations of European Fir, spruce and larch and

Habitat no. 218: Corine: 83.3112
Plantations de pins européens
Plantations of European pines

Habitat no. 219: Corine: 83.3121
Plantations d'épicéas, de sapins exotiques, de sapins de Douglas et de cèdres
Plantations of exotic firs and Douglas Fir

Habitat no. 220: Corine: 83.3122
Plantations de pins exotiques
Plantations of exotic pines

Habitat no. 221: Corine: 83.3123
Autres plantations de conifères exotiques
Other plantations of exotic conifers

Habitat no. 222: Corine: 83.323
Plantations de chênes exotiques
Plantations of exotic oaks

All photos were taken by David Dickenson in the Cévennes

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