Cotoneaster, Rockspray
LATIN: Cotoneaster horizontalis Decne.

Cotoneaster, Rockspray
Family : Rosaceae
Flowering Cévennes: 5 - 6 . Light: sunny. . Moisture: dry
Sample Cévenol GPS : 44°19.53' N 3°35.91' E
Status: Endemic; not under threat in this region
Habitat: (view in new page) :Key: Thickets and woodland edges on dry limestone.

Cotonéaster horizontal
Famille : Rosaceae
Floraison Cévennes : 5 - 6 . Lumière: ensoleillé. . . Humidité: sec
Exemple Cévenol GPS : 44°19.53' N 3°35.91' E
Statut : Endemique ; pas menacé dans ce région
Habitat : (s'ouvrir nouvelle page) :Clef : Buissons et lisières sur sol calcaire sec.
Cotonéaster horizontal
Cotoneaster horizontalis
Cotoneaster, Rockspray

(des sources variées, pas inclus dans Coste) :

Arbrisseau prostré ; < 60 cm
Écologie : Échappée parfois des jardins. Potentiel d'être invasive (photos d'une spontainée au bord de la rivière)
Répartition hors de France : W. China

Cotoneaster, Rockspray plant

(various sources, as not in Butcher)
NOTE: the French text is more complete and up-to-date

Low shrub with spreading branches, up to 0.6(1.5) m tall, deciduous [or semi-evergreen]. Branches in flattened planes; , branchlet hairs moderately dense to dense, yellow; stipule 1.8-4.0 mm long, usually red, hairs absent or sparse.
Ecology UK: Not native to the UK. Photos of an escapee by the riverside in the Cévennes.

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Information & Carte (c.2021) France/International grâce à INPN

Fleurs : 1-4, pétales rosés, dressés ;
Floraison France : Mai

Cotoneaster, Rockspray flower

Flowers: Inflorescence a corymb of 1-4 flowers 7-11 mm long, rachis hairs moderately dense, yellow; pedicel 0-1.0 mm long, hairs absent to dense. Flowers 3.3-4.2 mm diameter. Sepals 1.1-1.5 mm x 2.0-2.4 mm, hairs absent to sparse, yellow. Petals red in bud, erect when flower open, red at outer base, pink inside and at margins, 3.1-3.8 mm x 2.5-3.2 mm, base clawed or not, tuft of hairs absent, margins irregular. Stamens 12-15(17); filaments 1.6-2.0 mm long, dark pink; anthers white, 0.8-1.0 mm long; styles 2-3(4), 1.5-2.0 mm long

Feuilles : petites, rondes, vernissées ; caduques

Cotoneaster, Rockspray leaf

Leaves: crowded, lamina 14-23 mm x 10-17 mm, elliptic or orbicular, plane or V-shaped in cross-section, or slightly cupped, petiole 1.5-6 mm long, with sparse to moderately dense, straight, pale yellow hairs; leaf base cuneate, obtuse or rounded; leaf apex round, apiculus cuspidate or apiculate; lateral veins in 2-5 pairs, midvein or midvein and lower lateral veins impressed above and projecting below; upper surface smooth, moderate olive green, glossy, upper-surface hairs absent or sparse, yellow, straight; margins plane, hairs absent or sparse and yellow; lower surface glossy, hairs sparse, pale yellow, strigose.

Fruit : rouges vif, globuleux, noyeaux 2-3(4)

Cotoneaster, Rockspray fruit

Fruit: vivid red, obovoid, 6.0-8.5 mm long, alyx closed or open, hairs very sparse to absent. Pyrenes 2-3(4), hairs sparse to moderately dense at apex, umbonate.