Cotoneaster, Waterer's
LATIN: Cotoneaster x watereri Exell

Cotoneaster, Waterer's
Family : Rosaceae
Flowering Cévennes: 5 - 6 . Light: partial sun. . Moisture: dry
Sample Cévenol GPS : 44°**.**' N 3°**.**' E
Status: not under threat in this region
Habitat: (view in new page) :Key: Thickets and woodland edges on dry limestone.

Cotonéaster de Waterer
Famille : Rosaceae
Floraison Cévennes : 5 - 6 . Lumière: moyennement ensoleillé. . . Humidité: sec
Exemple Cévenol GPS : 44°**.**' N 3°**.**' E
Statut : pas menacé dans ce région
Habitat : (s'ouvrir nouvelle page) :Clef : Buissons et lisières sur sol calcaire sec.
Cotonéaster de Waterer
Cotoneaster x
Cotoneaster, Waterer's

(des sources variées, pas inclus dans Coste) :

Buisson/petite arbre, 2.5-7 m, érigée, caduc.
Écologie : Cultivée, rarement échappée. Jamais vu en France.

Cotoneaster, Waterer's plant

(various sources, as not in Butcher)

Shrub or small tree, 2.5-7 m, larger plants with multiple trunks, erect, evergreen, branching tending 2-ranked on reproductive branches. Branchlets dark purple, glossy, with peeling cuticle and lenticels. Stipules 2.7-3.1 mm long, red, hairs dense.
Ecology UK: Cultivated, occasionally escapes from gardens

Carte (2019) grâce à Tela Botanica

Fleurs : Inflorescence corymbe compounde de 29-50 fleurs, c. 35 fruit, poils du rachis dense, jaune clair. Pédicelles 0.5-2.0 mm, densément poilues. Fleurs 7.5 mm diam. Pétales écartées, blanches,2.6-2.9 x 2.6-2.8 mm,

Flowers: Inflorescence a compound corymb of 29-50 flowers, c. 35 fruit, rachis hairs dense, pale yellow. Pedicels 0.5-2.0 mm long, hairs dense. Flowers 7.5 mm diameter. Hypanthium with hairs dense; sepals broadly triangular, 0.6-1.0 mm tall, 1.6-2.6 mm wide. Petals spreading, white, 2.6-2.9 x 2.6-2.8 mm, clawed, glabrous, margins entire or irregular but not torn. Stamens 17-21, filaments 2.8-3.0 mm long, white, anthers purple, 0.6-0.7 mm long; styles 2-3, 1.4-2.0 mm long.

Feuilles : étroitement elliptique ou un peu ovate, (50)90-120(125) mm, lame 90-110(125) x 23-40 mm, nervures 5-13 pairs, pétiole 8-11(14) mm avec poils raide, fine; un peu gaufré, jaune-verdatre, vernisées, un peu poilus, deviennent glauque

Cotoneaster, Waterer's leaf

Leaves: narrowly elliptical or slightly narrowly ovate, plane, (50)90-120(125) mm long, lamina 90-110(125) mm long, 23-40 mm wide, veins in 5-13 pairs, petiole 8-11(14) mm long with dense, straight, but fine hairs; midvein and lateral veins impressed above, midvein and lateral veins projecting below, slightly rugose due to convexity between the side veins, upper surface moderate yellowish-green, semi-glossy to glossy, hairs on upper surface of young leaves very sparse, mostly in the midvein groove, old leaves glabrous on upper surface; margins slightly recurved or plane when dried, plane when fresh, glabrous or rarely densely hairy; undersurface glaucous, moderately densely hairy when young, hairs sparse when old and usually confined to the midvein and lateral veins; base of lamina cuneate; apex acute with straight apiculus, rarely bent downwards.

Fruit : rouge-orangé vif à rouge vif, obovate, 10.0-10.7 x 10.0-11.2 mm, fruit mature sans poils; noyaux 2-3, 3.6-4.0 x 2.8-3.1 mm, poils éparse,  

Cotoneaster, Waterer's fruit

Fruit: vivid reddish-orange to vivid red obovoid, 10.0-10.7 x 10.0-11.2 mm, hairs on mature fruit absent, navel closed; pyrenes 2-3, 3.6-4.0 x 2.8-3.1 mm, hairs sparse, apex acute, style nearly always attached at apex, rarely up to 0.5 mm below apex.