Rush, Hard
LATIN: Juncus inflexus L.

Rush, Hard
Family : Juncaceae
Flowering Cévennes: 6 - 8 . Light: sunny. . Moisture: damp
Sample Cévenol GPS : 44°/2.13' N 3°03.54' E
Status: not under threat in this region
Habitat: (view in new page) :Key: Damp/wet meadows on fairly rich soil (silica).Secondary : Permament ponds, Shallow bogs and humide praires on limestone.

Jonc glauque
Famille : Juncaceae
Floraison Cévennes : 6 - 8 . Lumière: ensoleillé. . . Humidité: humide
Exemple Cévenol GPS : 44°/2.13' N 3°03.54' E
Statut : pas menacé dans ce région
Habitat : (s'ouvrir nouvelle page) :Clef : Prairies humides sur sol assez riche (silice). Secondaire : Mares permamentes, Bas marais et prairies humides sur calcaire.
Jonc glauque
Juncus inflexus
Rush, Hard

(modifié de Coste, Flore de la France 1937) :

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moelle interrompue
Écologie : (répartition d'après la flore) Lieux humides, dans toute la France et en Corse.
Répartition hors de France : Europe; Asie occidentale et boréale; Amérique septentrionale.

Rush, Hard plant

(modified from Butcher, British Flora 1961):
NOTE: the French text is more complete and up-to-date

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Flower spray appears below stem tip ('bract' above, which is a stem-like leaf)
A stiff perennial with many densely tufted, terete, leafless, glaucous stems 23-60 cm high, growing from horizontal, matted rhizomes. Stems slender, stiffly erect, with 12-18 prominent ridges and an interrupted pith;
Distribution outside France: ?

Ecology UK: (distribution according to flora) chiefly in damp pastures on heavy basic soils throughout the British Isles, abundantly in England and Wales and Ireland, but it becomes scarcer in northern Scotland.

Carte (2021) grâce à Tela Botanica

Fleurs : verdâtres, en panicule latérale rameuse, lâche, placée au-dessus du tiers supérieur de la tige; périanthe à divisions lancéolées en alène ; 6 étamines, à anthères égalant le filet ; style court
Floraison France : Juin-août.

Rush, Hard flower

Flowers: 4 mm diam., forming an open, long-stalked panicle of many flowers; longer bract above the inflorescence about half as long as stem; short bract without inflated base; perianth segments grey-green, unequal, lanceolate, acuminate; stamens usually 6; style about as long as ovary.
Flowering UK: Late June-late July.

Feuilles : réduites à des gaines basilaires d'un pourpre noir luisant;

Rush, Hard leaf

Leaves: reduced to glossy, sub-acute, blackish sheaths.

Fruit : capsule ellipsoïde, mucronée, d'un brun noirâtre, égalant à peu près le périanthe.

Rush, Hard fruit

Fruit: Capsule 2.5 x 1.5 mm ellipsoid mucronate, exceeding the perianth, dark chestnut; seed 0.4 x 0.25 mm, broadly ovoid, with small appendages on the rounded ends, finely striate, light brown.